About Gulf Coast Ducks


Quack! Quack! Get ready to SPLASH with us during the most entertaining tour in America! We will always seek to exceed your expectations every time you join us for one of our unique land/water tours!

This hilarious yet informative adventure covers overs over 3,000 years of local tales (some tall) as well as exciting stories about the USS ALABAMA, Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile Bay, the Port of Mobile, and much more!

  • “I’ve been on the Safari at Animal Kingdom over 1,000 times and this tour is far more fun” 

    - Josh Jay
  • “10/10 would recommend again!” 

    - Mary Jo Martino
  • “The guys who created this tour are genius!” 

    - One of the guys who created the tour
  • “This is the best thing to happen to Battleship Park in 50 years” 

    - Col. Pat Downing